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Nebula is the darkest shade from our Automotive series, this window film performs excellent in terms of stopping the most amount of heat, while also providing you with excellent privacy! It has been equipped with advanced UV blockers that stop over 99% of the UV rays entering through the glass! Although this film is the darkest in our series, it is still very easy to see out, meaning you will not taint the outward view from inside your vehicle.

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Up To 98% Infrared Rejection


With our Nebula IR+ you can enjoy up to 81% Infrared Rejection which can dramatically keep your car cooler in those hot summer months while also lowering your fuel costs through lower use for A/C.

4% Visible Light Transmission


If you want the darkest window film for your car while still being able to see out then Nebula is the #1 choice. With our advanced optical clarity meaning you will have the optimum outward view while preventing others from being able to see in

99.99% UV Reduction


Nebula, like all of our other window film choices, has been constructed with 99.99% UV reduction. Meaning you and your family are protected from harsh cancer causing UV rays!

Superior Quality With Nebula Window Film


Found a series/shade that matches your needs? Kepler offer infrared heat blocking upgrades.

You can choose from our superior IR and our IR plus which stop over 80% of the infrared heat entering your car. Keeping you cool in those hotter months and helping you save money on fuel costs by lowering the air conditioning usage.

Want to find a trusted Kepler Dealer? Use our dealer locater to find your closest installer who can assist with all things Kepler.

All Kepler Automotive Products are backed with a lifetime warranty against discoloration, fading, bubbling, peeling, cracking, and delamination

Want to compare Kepler’s films side by side? Use the K-Experience to view our films in 360 and help with your decision

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