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K-Shield is our premium security/safety window film! K-Shield has been tested in not only lab environments/testing facilities but also in real-world scenarios and has proven itself as a huge resistant to potential thieves! Kepler's K-Shield security and safety window film can delay break-ins and on many occasions has been considered "unbreakable" depending on the tool used to break into the property. K-Shield utilizes our ULTRA-BOND+ adhesive meaning it cements itself to your glass in the event of a break, which also makes this film great for safety aspects when it comes to keeping the dangerous glass together in the event of a breakage

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Superior Quality With
K-Shield Window Film


Choose our K-Shield if your aim is maximum protection for your property! Cameras and alarms are ultimately deterrents but Kepler's K-Shield security window film works night and day to help physically prevent anyone breaking into your home or business!

Kepler's K-shield has been formed with multiple layers and advanced adhesives to keep your glass together in the event of a break in

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All Kepler Architectural Products are backed with a 10 year warranty against discoloration, fading, bubbling, peeling, cracking, and delamination.

Want to compare Kepler’s film types side by side? Use our K-Experience so you can view our films with an interactive slider.

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