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Vortex is Kepler's advanced one-way window film that utilizes the light and directs it one way to allow for optimum privacy while still making it possible to see out the window from inside! Vortex has a highly reflective outside layer that mimics our Chromosphere series whilst having a darker natural look from inside! This window film offers 99% UV reduction and is one of our highest performing films in terms of heat reduction! Once installed. The visibility looking out is not quite as clear as our Ecliptic series but still is a favorite for those requiring maximum privacy, while still wanting to see out their windows.

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Superior Quality With Vortex Window Film


Our Vortex series has been built with maximum privacy in mind! Many customers require privacy for their family, their property or both. We had this in mind when constructing this popular range!

Choose Vortex if you want maximum privacy, outward visibility and a great warranty. 

Want to find a trusted Kepler Dealer? Use our dealer locater to find your closest installer who can assist with all things Kepler.

All Kepler Architectural Products are backed with a 10 year warranty against discoloration, fading, bubbling, peeling, cracking, and delamination.

Want to compare Kepler’s film types side by side? Use our K-Experience so you can view our films with an interactive slider.

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