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Black-Out Window Film


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Orbit is our pure blackout series of window film. Once installed you will not be able to see IN or OUT through this film, as it offers 0% transparency. Once installed, the Orbit series will still preserve the natural outside features of your home/business with it's unique reflective natural finish, instead of a dull matted finish. This film is a favorite for customers who require 100% privacy.

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Superior Quality With Orbit Window Film


Choose our Orbit series of window film if your goal is 100% privacy! Our Orbit series comes with 2 adhesives, Temporary and Permanent.

Our Temporary adhesive is ideal for shop fronts who require temporary privacy while projects are being completed and can easily be removed when needed . Orbit's Permanent adhesive can be used as a permanent fixture to the glass that comes with a fantastic 10 year warranty!

Want to find a trusted Kepler Dealer? Use our dealer locater to find your closest installer who can assist with all things Kepler.

All Kepler Architectural Products are backed with a 10 year warranty against discoloration, fading, bubbling, peeling, cracking, and delamination.

Want to compare Kepler’s film types side by side? Use our K-Experience so you can view our films with an interactive slider.

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